Pet Beds

If you don’t want your dog, cat or other pet sleeping in your bed then make sure they have one of their own.

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  1. Comfort Den Quick View

    Comfort Den

    Delivery within 7 days Den
  2. Arctic Snuggle Bed Quick View

    Arctic Snuggle Bed

    Sizes: 45cm, 61cm, 68cm, 89cm
  3. Paw Print Cat Cosy Quick View

    Paw Print Cat Cosy

    Delivery within 7 days Cat Cosy
  4. Radiator Bed Quick View

    Radiator Bed

    Delivery within 7 days Radiator Bed
  5. Cat Sofa Bed Quick View

    Cat Sofa Bed

    Delivery within 7 days Sofa Bed
  6. Pet Rug Quick View

    Pet Rug

    Two Sizes Available
  7. Arctic Box Duvet Quick View

    Arctic Box Duvet

    Sizes: 88 x 67 x 12cm, 125 x 79 x 12cm
  8. Snuggle Pouch Save 50% Quick View

    Snuggle Pouch

    Delivery within 7 days Pouch
  9. Travel Dog Save 27% Quick View

    Travel Dog

    Delivery within 7 days Kit
  10. Woodland Stag Deluxe Slumber Bed Quick View

    Woodland Stag Deluxe Slumber Bed

    Sizes: 45cm, 61cm, 76cm, 89cm
  11. Maritime Snuggle Bed Blue Quick View

    Maritime Snuggle Bed Blue

    Sizes available - 45cm, 61cm, 68cm, 89cm
  12. Personalised Igloo Quick View

    Personalised Igloo

    Igloo - Brown, Cream, Maroon or Grey
  13. Cat Cosy Bed - Grey Quick View

    Cat Cosy Bed - Grey

    Delivery within 7 days Grey Cat Bed
  14. Bobble Slumber Bed Grey Quick View

    Bobble Slumber Bed Grey

    4 Sizes - 45cm,61cm, 76cm, 89cm
  15. Car Boot Protector Save 37% Quick View

    Car Boot Protector

    Delivery within 7 days Boot Protector
  16. Deep Duvet Quick View

    Deep Duvet

    Avaiable - Vintage Maps or Bobble Wine
  17. Herringbone Deep Duvet (DD) Quick View

    Herringbone Deep Duvet (DD)

    Deep Duvet -Medium or Large
Showing 38 product(s)
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